Removable Prosthesis

Removable dentures are one of the options to replace missing teeth. We use partial dentures to replace one or a few teeth. Depending on the situation, partial dentures can be made with just acrylic material or we can also have a metallic frame with clasps for better retention. Complete dentures will are used to replace all in one arch. Normally, complete dentures are made with full acrylic but, there are some exceptions.

In both cases we need to take impressions of the upper and lower arches. From start to finish, the case can be completed in as little as 4 appointments. All the appliances are custom made for our patients. Recently with the advancement of dental implants, we are able to make better fitting dentures that virtually eliminate the loose feeling many denture wearers experience.

One thing to be aware of with dentures is that regular dental visits are still recommended even though there are no teeth. Dentures are not designed to last forever and over time they will wear-down or even break during normal wear.