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8 Responses to “Share Your Love Story, Enter to Win Dinner for Two ($100 value)”

  1. Lynette says:

    On our very first date, which today, 2/10, is the actual anniversary of that first date, my now husband, Joe, and I were attending a Catholic Mass at a beautiful convent of cloistered nuns chapel in Santa Clara, California.

    We were both very enamoured with each other. It turned out the reading for that day’s Mass was about “How man was lonely, so God gave him woman”. We both looked at each other and saw the future in each others’ eyes.

    After that Mass, we both agreed what a wonderful story it would be, if it were to become true, to tell our grand-children of how we met.

    We will be married 17 years this June 5 and we have 4 beautiful children.

  2. Scott Becker says:

    My wife and I have been married for 5 1/2 years. i will say that the first 3 years of our marriage were very rocky, but she has tolerated me and together we have become the best of friends.
    In 2009 I lost my job and was out of work for 10 months. I was finally able to find a job, July 2010, but had to come to Iraq and work for the US Army as a civilian contractor. It is very hard being away from my family and my kids, but most of all it is very difficult to be away from my wife.
    She is now in charge of the everyday household duties, paying the bills, taking care of our two labs and holding a job as a Pediatric ICU nurse at Kaiser. She has done a terrific job in taking care of the “household”.
    Words can NOT express my feelings for her, especially having to endure this time apart from each other. I look forward to the day I am home for good. We are planning a three week “road trip” this summer and I look forward to our time together, “catching-up”!!

  3. Karen Bauer says:

    It was Oct 10, 1999 when a friend and I went out (at the last minute) to join a birthday party. We almost didn’t go. While sitting there visiting, I saw a very tall man standing behind me to the left. I asked who he was? No one seemed to know, so I ignored him. About 10 min later, there was a tap on my shoulder, and this tall man said “do you dance?” To which I (lied) and said “yes”. We danced the rest of the night til the club closed, exchanged numbers, and went out for lunch the next day. We then had another date 6 days later and were inseperable ever since! I had major surgery 2 months later and he stayed with me 24 hours a day, walking me in the halls, taking me to the bathroom, getting me beverages, as to not bother the nurses! In January, we moved in together, and then in 2001, we moved from Seattle to Folsom. On New Years day, we went to Lake Tahoe, where he pulled off the side of the road, having a beautiful view of the snowy mountains and the Lake, and asked me to marry him! We were married on Valentine” day 2002. On that day, I married my best friend. We have been here for each other in sickness, health, tough economic times, me a permanent disability. I love him more each and every day! He’s my lover and my best friend, and a wonderful father and now grandfather to my children and our grandchildren. Life is good.

  4. Amy Hobbs says:

    The LOVE of my life and I often admired each other from afar in a choir for some months. We both love to sing. February 12th, 2005 was a cold, typical day that all changed.
    I was not dating anybody, and not really in a Valentines mood for the year, but there was a formal singles Valentines Dance I was invited to, in which I kept feeling inspired to attend, regardless of my lack of enthusiasm for Valentines Day that year.
    I actually chose to attend a political seminar and then attend the last half hour or so of the Valentines dance. I got dressed up, and started to drive toward the political seminar first, and then felt a sudden desire to not miss most of the dance anymore, so I decided to forget the political seminar, and drove straight to the dance.
    When I walked into the dance, I was looking for a friend, when the man who would be my husband bumped into me. For the first time from seeing each other across the room at choir, he formally introduced himself to me. I immediatly was drawn to him, and his interest in me, and how much we had in common . After a long conversation, I headed to the drink table and grabbed a drink. Right next to the drink table, happen to be a long table of Valentine desserts with a large rich chocolate cake in the middle. I decided that the piece of cake looked too heavy for me alone, so I was going to walk away. Right there was the same man (my future husband) I had just been talking to again. I immediatly thought I could invite him to share a piece of cake, so I invited him and he said “absolutely.” We sat at our own table, in the corner of the dance room, and we talked for an hour. We felt like we had known each other for a long time, and shared alot more about ourselves to each other. When some slow songs came on, he invited me to dance, then another, and another.
    At the end of the night, we said by to each other. I wanted to get his phone number, but I feel strongly as a woman, that is a man’s place to ask for the phone number first, so I left it open. After the good -by, as I walked away, he came running after me and politely asked me for my phone number to “hang out.” One week latter, we had our first official date at a restraunt where we were smitten and knew there was something very special between us. We were married 8 months latter.

  5. Robyn says:

    I met the love of my life last year. It was the worst possible time to start dating someone. My father was losing his long battle with liver disease. I was watching the greatest man I’d ever known fade before my eyes. God, in his infinite wisdom though sent me an angel, Kris. A tall, funny, kind, romantic angel. Who it turns out is a lot like my dad; the strong silent type, fiercely loyal and if his head wasn’t attached he’d lose it.

    Our first date was not at all conventional. With my father in the hospital I spent most of my time there. One evening I was home with my elderly grandmother, who I care for, and my 6 year old nephew. My sister and mother where at the hospital with my dad. Our first official date took place with my grams and nephew…romantic, huh? Kris brought flowers and candy; he already knew the way to my heart. We watched a movie with my nephew next to us. He jealously grabbed my hand when Kris did. We haven’t been apart since.

    Our love story has not been a typical one. But I suppose when you know, you know. We had a beautiful baby boy in October and are getting married in September. A little backwards but life sends you surprises sometimes and they can be the most wonderful thing to ever happen to you; Kris is that for me; a miracle that helped to heal my heart in a time of great sadness.

    I know my father would have loved him.

  6. My husband and I met in June of 2001 we were both divorced after being married to our other spouses for 13 years. Our daughters grew up together since kindergarten they hooked us up on a date and we have been together ever since. I have battled thyroid cancer, colon cancer and now have a tumor by my heart with no health insurance. My husband keeps me going he makes me laugh and I love him to death. We are short on funds and I would love to take him out for a wonderful Valentines dinner.

  7. Lore Apted says:

    My husband and I met while working at the same Chevron station. We became immediate friends and called or visited each other every day. One day while talking on the phone we were saying goodbye and he said, “I love you”. I about dropped the phone. I was a little hesitant being that he was alot younger than I (17 years) but I felt the same way. Fast forward to almost a year later and it’s on Valentine’s Day. He came to relieve me at work and he gave me my favorite flowers for Valentine’s Day. I went to give him a hug to say thank you for the flowers when he started dropping to his knee and he proposed right in the mini-mart with customers coming in! Needless to say, I said yes and we were married April 13, 2001. We will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year. I actually have the surveillance tape from work of him proposing… :)

  8. Shannon Blockton says:

    In 1999 my husband and I met at Roseville High School, we were 15 and 16 years old. Not even able to drive our parents grew to know each other and us very well. As young as we were we fell in love, even talked about getting married and having kids; our pre-planned wedding date was December 8, 2008, nine years after the day that we met. We set this date because we both had planned to go to college, so at 15 years old we figured we would be done with schooling by 2008. We ended up dating for only year and a half and ended up going our separate ways. Nine years later after college, we found each other on myspace and realized that we were both living back in Roseville.
    We decided to meet, that was December 28, 2008 (just 20 days after our pre-planned wedding date). We spent all of our time together, traveled around California. Six months later, July 27, 2009 we got married on Coronado Island. The next month we found out we were expecting. Our son was born on April 21, 2010. And now we are living happily ever after.

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