Dr. Tim Herman

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Dr. Herman

I am Tim Herman; I graduated from the UCSF School of Dentistry in 1988. I have been working at A+ Dental Care of Roseville and Lincoln since January of 1989. I became  one of the owners of the practice in January 1993 and I have enjoyed practicing dentistry in our multidisciplinary  group practice ever since. I am excited to practice dentistry with our great group of doctors and I look forward to the future of Dentistry and the quality of dental care we will be able to provide for our patients.

In our practice all of our general dentists are excellent at restorative dentistry and we all emphasize the more specialized treatments we are passionate about. For me: I perform cosmetic procedures including veneers and gingival re-contouring, I do root canal therapy using our new lasers, face lifts from the inside out, sleep apnea treatment and comprehensive full mouth rehabilitation.

I am very active in the City of Roseville, I was elected to the City Council in 2010 and re-elected in November 2014. I have been a very strong supporter of bringing higher education to our region and promoting long term sustainable economic grown. I was a member of the City’s Parks and Recreation Commission for nearly ten years, I have been on committees for both the elementary school district as well as the high school district, and I was the President of the Roseville Chamber of Commerce for 2004. I was “Knighted” in 2015  as a Knight of the Bald Table for getting my head shaved to raise money for Childhood cancer research for the seventh year in a row. I am proud to go bald every year to help save children’s lives.   When I am not seeing patients or volunteering my time, I love to spend time with family and friends preferably water skiing, running or bicycling.

Please email your questions to Dr. Herman using this link; he will be happy to hear from you.